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Noon Loungewear helps customers find their middle ground in comfort and style.

We promise these three key components in all our loungewear:


All components of our product are Filipino made - from our fabric to our packaging. Everything is made possible through the collaboration with our local partners.  We want to inspire others to be confident in their own skin, to be proud of their roots, and to support their community. 


Stay confident, be proudly Filipino.


As advocates of slow fashion, we minimize our impact by using environmentally-friendly materials. Our loungewear is delivered in a cassava mailer bag. The clothes are protected in a reusable pouch with a tag that can be torn and planted into Spinach.


Reduce waste; look good.


Noon loungewear can be worn effortlessly with other pieces of clothing. Mix and match, our timeless pieces are surely designed to last.

Find comfort and style without compromising quality.

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